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Helping Creative Professionals Find Their MOJO

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Erin Kahlenberg creative business coach and mindset mentor smiling

Hey! I'm Erin 👋
I love the outdoors, everything design, and super hero movies...

When I'm not watching the latest nerdy YouTube breakdowns or scrolling Dribbble for design inspiration, I spend my days helping other creative professionals kick burnout to the curb. With almost 15 years experience in creative fields, doing branding, marketing, UX, and a plethora of various personal projects, I have first hand experience with chronic burnout and imposter syndrome. I know how deep this rabbit hole can go, and the work it takes to climb back out.


Get A Creative Life Now!

Get clarity on why you're burned out and how to move forward with tools you can use over and over again!


Julie Haider

I was blown away by how much I learned with Erin guiding me! I thought it would just be tips to reorganize my life, but it was SO much more! I could go on forever about how amazing this has been. If you've ever felt burnt out in your life/job/business, definitely go sign up for Erin's coaching sessions!


Linda Cormier White

Erin truly listened to me every week and tailored my sessions and homework to build my self awareness. I'm proud of my small weekly achievements! I know I am the same person I was, but my perspective has shifted around what is truly important to me.

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Ashlee Hoelck

I had an incredible session with Erin. She was warm, understanding, and constructive. She guided me to a new path that better serves my life purpose and inspired me to reach for more. I left the session with clarity, motivation, and confidence. I am so grateful for Erin!

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Get Private Support
With Me!

Sometimes a little support is all you need. You'll have my complete focus and gentle guidance to help you get unstuck, motivated, and back in your creative flow! Through this process, you'll learn your unique triggers, help identifying what's holding you back, and build bite-sized, actionable steps to make long lasting change in your life. 1 and 3 month packages are available to support your needs.


Curious what a session could look like?

Check out this full 60 min session with Abbey Livingston where we talked about her frustrations with work and how that could tie back to her mindset around what success looks like.

Support Your
Employees' Wellbeing

Back to Work with Masks

In the last few years work has been... well... weird. What better way to show your employees you value them, then offering a resource to navigate all those curve balls and their mental wellbeing! With subjects like stress management, time management, intention setting, open communication and much more, I can facilitate group classes or conversations to support your team. Please inquire for programs and rates.