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Learn how to say bye bye to burnout as a creative professional and build a healthier relationship with work.


With A Creative Life e-book, you'll get:

  • Tools to set intentions and reflect on your achievements

  • 30 journal prompts to build positivity and help you make impactful habit changes

  • A 3 minute guided deep breathing video to stop stress in its tracks

  • 2 guided meditation videos to tap into positivity and boost your self reliance

Lazy Morning

Running On Fumes

It’s so easy for us creatives to get wrapped up in the day to day, the to-do list, the next project, and client work. What started out as your passion is now leaving you running on empty and riding the struggle bus trying to come up with any new good ideas.


That’s called burn out my friends 🔥

What’s happened is you tied your creativity to work, achievement and success, which all trigger your stress response. When your mind and body are stressed, creative thinking shuts down. So the best way to tackle this feeling you have now is change your mindset around how you do your creative work.


I’ve been through the ringer during my more than 14 years as a designer, and hit a bout of burn out so bad I quit my job and stepped back from doing anything “creative” for more than a year. During that year I worked with both coaches and therapists, and the one tool they all used that was the most transformational for me was journaling.

Young Female Artist

A Creative Life helped me to start hearing my own voice again. Before starting, I could feel myself burning out again and I was feeling really frustrated about it. I thought I had left that all behind when I left my job last year. After the first week of following the prompts, I began to unpack how I'd gotten back to that place and what was keeping me stuck. I'm proud that I was able to recognize the signs and create an action plan to recover and support me moving forward.

Jessica Deel

Writing on a Notebook

Why Journaling?

So many wellness professionals use journaling because it allows you to slow down and truly think about things in your life you don’t normally focus on. We’ve been taught that understanding our spending and planning a budget is the way to meet our financial goals. Well... journaling is like that, but for your energy! It’s how you can take a step back to understand how you’re currently spending your energy, and how you want to budget your energy in the future.

That’s why I wrote A Creative Life to help creative professionals, like you, rekindle their creative spark! 

You’ll learn much more about the creative process, how stress effects you and your creativity, and how journaling helps you relieve stress. Through the journal prompts you can expect to gain clarity, prioritize your time better, build boundaries that stick, relieve stress and burnout, open your creative thinking, and build your self reliance and confidence.

Take a Sneak Peek Inside

It's been great! I even started doing some stream of consciousness writing before or after the prompt and it's felt really fulfilling for me!

Mone Moore

It's Time To Try Something New

You’ve tried the whole “just push through the pain” thing in the past and it hasn’t worked for you (because that just deepens the stress). So why not try something totally new? If you don’t tackle this problem now, you’ll continue to feel stress and struggle with your creativity. That struggle will deepen the hole you’re in and make it even harder to dig yourself out. Take it from me, that’s not a fun time.


With A Creative Life, and just 5 minutes a day, you can add some effective tools to your arsenal that get you back in the drivers seat of your life! So, what do you have to lose?

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