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Creative Comeback


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It's time to make your comeback!

Here's your invitation to focus on yourself for a change and rekindle that creativity. Together, we will discover what's really holding you back, build simple habits into your life that will uniquely support you, and kick that imposter syndrome to the curb!

Are you known for having a million unfinished projects?

I work with people like you because you see what could be! You can't help but look at the most mundane object and immediately want to create something with it. It's because you have so much curiosity and care deeply about the world you live in that you want to make it a little better than you found it. You have so much empathy for everyone and everything that you're left drained consistently. So you get stuck in a loop of starting and not finishing projects, and saying to yourself "I'm not good enough."

Arts & Crafts

How do I know this?

Because this was my reality for awhile. I know how it feels to want to help, but never feel like I got to spend time on my own projects. But I always said yes because I didn’t want to let them down. This pattern continued even in my design career - picking up whatever slack I needed to, so I didn’t let someone else down - to the point that I lost myself. I knew I had to make a change, but how? This is all I’ve ever known to be! Through my process of change I learned that I needed help from others to shine a light on what I couldn’t recognize as issues. They helped me come back to myself! Today, I support other creative professionals recover from burnout and come back to what lights them up!

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Burnout is so prevalent with creatives because we care.

We care about it turning out just right. We care about being productive. We care what others think (even if we say we don’t). We wrap so many unrealistic expectations into the very thing that brings us joy. Then add responsibility to the mix if creativity is a part of your livelihood, and there’s a whole other thing that heightens the stress and kills the joy. In a world that teaches us to monetize every skill we have, it can feel like nothing you do is for YOU anymore. And finally, add a dash of a global pandemic and collective uncertainty and you’ve got yourself a perfect recipe for burnout!

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How do I know if I'm dealing with burnout?

Stress causes lots of reactive emotions, while burnout is a lack of emotion because you're numb. But feeling stress for a prolonged period can become burnout if it's not managed. Are you experiencing any of these signs regularly?


More attention to detail

Reactive emotions

Over engagement

Sense of urgency


Lost or diminished energy




Blunted emotions

Loss of motivation and interest

Easily irritated

Symptoms of depression

Wedding Photographer

Don't give up! You can feel motivation and joy again!

Don’t diminish yourself before you even try. That’s the burnout talking! You CAN have a completely new relationship with yourself and be a successful creative, all without feeling like you’re selling your soul! You are enough, and you have always been enough. If you’re ready to let your dreams be bigger than your fears, then I’m here and ready to support you.




Creative Comeback

Feeling completely stuck and don’t even know what goal you would want? That’s called burnout babe. But I got you! With the Complete Creative Comeback you get 3 months fully focused on helping you rediscover yourself, and build bite-sized habits to live more aligned with who you are.

  • Twelve 60-min sessions with me via Zoom

  • One session per week over 3 months

  • Unlimited support via Slack

  • Curated handouts, journal prompts and action steps each week


Creative Comeback

Want help reaching one specific goal over a short period of time without the stress? Totally doable! With the Creative Comeback Intensive you get 1 month of supportive accountability to help you achieve your goal without pushing yourself into burnout.

  • Four 60-min sessions with me via Zoom

  • One session per week over 1 month

  • Unlimited support via Slack

  • Curated handouts, journal prompts and action steps each week

Sessions are completely curated around you!

Your sessions won’t be exactly like anyone else’s because they’re based on YOU! Every week we’ll talk about what’s going well and what challenges you’re facing, before diving into new topics like some of these, and more!

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Stress Management

Open Communication


Realistic Expectations

Building Self Awareness

Appreciation + Recognition

Time + Money Mindset

Boosting Self Confidence

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Curious what a session could look like?

Check out this full 60 min session with Abbey Livingston where we talked about her frustrations with work and how that could tie back to her expectation of what success looks like.


Julie Haider

I was blown away by how much I learned with Erin guiding me! I thought it would just be tips to reorganize my life, but it was SO much more! I could go on forever about how amazing this has been. If you've ever felt burnt out in your life/job/business, definitely go sign up for Erin's coaching sessions!


Linda Cormier White

Erin truly listened to me every week and tailored my sessions and homework to build my self awareness. I'm proud of my small weekly achievements! I know I am the same person I was, but my perspective has shifted around what is truly important to me.

Ashlee Headshot - Ashlee hoelck.jpg

Ashlee Hoelck

I had an incredible session with Erin. She was warm, understanding, and constructive. She guided me to a new path that better serves my life purpose and inspired me to reach for more. I left the session with clarity, motivation, and confidence. I am so grateful for Erin!

Who this IS for 👍

  • Creative professionals who want to build their own self worth and feel in control of their career

  • Entrepreneurs who are ready to stop doing everything themselves and scale their business

  • Crafters who want to feel in control of their art and life again

  • Anyone serious about making lasting change happen in their life

Who this is NOT for 👎

  • People expecting an artistic challenge to build their skill set

  • People that just want to complain but not take action

  • People that can’t give honest feedback

  • People that place blame without taking personal responsibility

  • People that aren’t willing to try

Enjoying a Book

Creative Comeback is different...

Because my focus isn’t to get you producing creative work again, but to rediscover yourself and find joy in simply creating things that align with who you naturally are. That’s what the design sprint books, 30 day art challenges, and creative courses miss. It’s great if you’re using those to learn a new skill or hone an existing one, but they don’t do anything good for creatives that are experiencing burn out (and could possibly deepen it!) In a society built around producing content for likes, sometimes the most impactful thing you need to do is step back from creating for others so you can create joy for yourself – and that’s exactly what you’ll do in the Creative Comeback.

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You deserve to have support focused on you...

If you’ve reread this page a couple times, trust yourself enough to take this step! You don’t have to DIY everything if having support would help you feel like yourself faster. Apply for the Creative Comeback, and if I feel I'm a good fit for you we'll chat about the packages, and answer any questions before you start.

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