Peace & Profit

Starting, growing or trying to reach that next big step in your creative business?

Then here's your invitation to a full 3 months completely focused on you and your business! Together, we will build a simple online business strategy and income system that feels authentic to you that will have you booked up with clients consistently – without the overwhelm.


Intentional Action = Results

Are you known for having a million unfinished projects laying around?

I work with creative women like you because you’re passionate about your craft. You’re damn good at what you do and started your business because you wanted the freedom to create in a way that felt authentic to you. You were bored and even stifled in a 9-5 setting. Creating a business all your own felt like the next logical step. But just like you start too many creative projects that never get finished, you also have so many great ideas for your business that end up overwhelming you. So, you either don’t take action because you don’t know where to start, or you burn out doing tons of work with little results.

Your reality right now…

  • You feel like you’re doing so much work but don’t have much to show for it

  • You realize that the sales calls you’re doing are with people that are not serious about investing in your services

  • You’re showing up consistently online but feel like you’re shouting into the void and get little engagement

  • You’re sick of the stress from the feast or famine cycle of project work

This used to be my reality when I ran my design business...

I know how it feels to wake up in a panic in the middle of the night worried. I've felt the disappointment of spending so much time nurturing a prospect just to have them tell me I was too expensive. I realized there had to be a better way to use my time that could make a bigger impact in my business and income. It took some radical honesty with myself, but I figured out how to build a system that focused my time on income producing actions that worked for me. Now, I help my creative clients develop their own systems to make money on autopilot.

Ambre Catford

Talking with Erin was super easy and it felt like she really understood where I was coming from. I've struggled in the past to implement overly-ambitious plans for change, but what I loved with Erin is that her suggestions were realistic, yet really make a long-term positive impact. 

The secret sauce is simple and repeatable systems...

As a solopreneur your time is precious. But so many try to market themselves like a big company and end up missing opportunities because they’re busy just trying to keep up with everything they’re juggling. Instead, I guide you to develop a couple of simple strategies that excite you and focus on building your prospect list, not just followers. This way you use your time intentionally and can easily repeat what’s working so you can focus on being creative and serving your clients.

The 3 pillars of your strategy…


Your offer


Your audience


Your sales process

These things lay the foundation for your strategy. If one of these is off, you will have a hard time attracting clients or closing sales. So we will deep dive into each of these and get them rock solid.

Building your income system…

Once your foundation is firm, we will develop your unique marketing strategy. If you don’t like showing up on social media - no problem! There are so many other ways to build a lead pipeline that don’t involve you doing something that feels inauthentic to you. We will pick 2 strategies to focus on so your time isn’t being wasted switching between a ton of tasks that don’t build your pipeline. By the time we’re done, you’ll have a custom checklist of actions to take on a monthly, weekly and daily basis that will have clients consistently signing up for your wait list.


Where your attention goes, action flows

Personal growth = business growth

Any new goal you try to reach, means you need to grow and stretch yourself. It requires you to do things differently than you’ve ever done before, and trust yourself in a new way. That’s why each week, we’ll work on your inner game! I use mindfulness techniques like journaling and breathing exercises to supercharge creativity, clarity, and push you past your fear. I’m there to support you through challenges, empower you to push yourself in new ways, and cheer you on even when you doubt yourself.

Linda Cormier White

Erin truly listened to me every week and tailored my sessions and homework to build my self awareness. I'm proud of my small weekly achievements! I know I am the same person I was, but my perspective has shifted around what is truly important to me.

Who this is for...

  • Women who are serious about investing in their business and ready to master selling their offer

  • Ambitious 9-5’ers who want to build consistent income to replace their day job

  • Creative entrepreneurs who are ready to scale with passive income funnels instead of doing all the work themselves

  • Boss babes who want to reach 6-figures and need to streamline so they can focus and be badass at what they do best

Who this is NOT for...

  • People who sign up for every freebie but never invest in their business

  • People that just want to complain but not take action

  • People that can’t give honest feedback

  • People who are looking to be told exactly what to do

  • People that blame everything but don’t take personal responsibility

Ashlee Hoelck

I had an incredible experience with Erin. She was warm, understanding, and constructive. She guided me to a new path that better serves my life purpose and inspired me to reach for more. I left with clarity, motivation, and confidence. I am so grateful for Erin!

Some goals you could achieve in just 3 months...

  • Attract your dream clients - duh

  • Create your consistent income system

  • Develop your irresistible offer

  • Revamp your messaging

  • Get to know your ideal audience

  • Create a high converting sales process

  • Build confidence to handle objections

  • Develop your curated marketing strategies

  • Clarity on how best to scale

  • Establish workflows + healthy habits

  • Unlearn limiting beliefs

  • Create more work-life balance

  • Uplevel your money mindset

  • Say bye-bye to imposter syndrome

  • Kick burnout to the curb

  • and oh so much more! Just ask…

Yes, you really could have results like this too!

Don’t diminish yourself before you even try. That’s the imposter syndrome talking! You can be successful just like that other person you hate-follow/admire. You are enough, and you have always been enough. If you’re ready to let your dreams be bigger than your fears, then I’m here and ready to support you.


What would consistent income mean for your life?

Peace & Profit includes...


Twelve 60-min private sessions with me via Zoom


One session per week over 3 months


Unlimited support via Messenger or Voxer


Curated handouts, checklists, templates and action steps each week

The Peace & Profit 90-Day Intensive is different...

Because my focus is to build your business around your life, not your life around your business. Unlike many other business coaches that specialize in a specific strategy, I use my health and life coaching background to develop custom strategies with you that keep you out of overwhelm. You started your business to have freedom after all! But when you aren't sure what strategy is right for you, it's hard to pick a coach. Or you've worked with a coach that left a bad taste in your mouth because you ended up hating the strategy they specialized in. After all that work, it's not working for you and it left you frustrated. But you can have results! It's not you. It's that you're using strategies not meant for you.


Curious what a session could look like? Well check it out!

You deserve to have support focused on you...

If you’ve been trying to consume all my content and you’ve reread this page a couple times, trust yourself enough to take this step! You don’t have to DIY everything if having support would help you reach your goals faster. Apply for the Peace & Profit 90-Day Intensive and we can chat about the program and answer any questions before you start.