• Erin Kahlenberg

3 Key Ingredients to Convey the Value of Your Offer

You just hung up from a sales call. You're frustrated.

You spent all that time talking to them, providing value on the call but they still said "oh! I didn't realize it would be this expensive for X: ie. a simple logo design, to just take some photos, to write some simple copy, etc..."

It isn't the first time you've heard something like this either.

Your sense of self worth has started to take a hit. "Am I charging too much? Do I really provide something of value? Maybe I'm not as good as I think I am."

I want you to get off that pity party bus real quick, ok!

You are not the only one who has heard these objections. Take these as a gift instead. A sign that there is something you can shift.

Let's get you out of frustration and into action instead!

There are 3 key ingredients for conveying the value of your offer:

  1. Understanding Your Client: who are they, what is their main issue?

  2. Results Based Messaging: are you talking about how your offer is valuable to that client? Does it solve their main issue?

  3. Building Authority: positioning yourself as the go-to person in your space

Understanding Your Client

The first main issue I see a lot is a disconnect between people's ideal audience and the offer they are pitching. So step #1 is get REALLY CLEAR on who you are selling to.

Who is the person you are speaking to? What is their name? How do they dress? What do they do for work? What do they like to eat for breakfast? What do they value? What are their dreams? What is the biggest issue they think they have?

This is where market research comes in. Talk to these people and find out what they are saying. What language are they using? Where are they hanging out on social media? What do they say is their biggest issue?

Now, does your offer solve that issue for them? If it doesn't, then one of 2 things need to happen:

  1. Either you shift who your audience is...

  2. Or you pivot what your offer is...

If your offer DOES make sense for your audience - WOOHOO! That market research is gonna come in real handy for the next ingredient.

Results Based Messaging

This is all about actually telling your ideal audience what the value is that you can bring them. Tell them straight up what the result will be from working with you. Do not expect your client to know or understand what it is you will do for them.

I used to freelance as a graphic designer in my early 20's selling to small, local businesses in Denver, CO, where I lived at the time. My original pitch used to be this: "I'm a graphic designer, helping you with branding and all your print design needs!"

Ok... so what does that tell you?

That I'm a graphic designer. That's about it.

Most people I talked to had no clue how design could help their business. And branding was a buzz word they heard they should care about but honestly don't really understand.

So how could I expect them to want to pay me a couple $1,000 to help them with something they don't really understand, and they believe should take only an hour or so?

Over time, I shifted to very specific ways of talking about my design services to educate my ideal audience about what I could do for them. How a well thought out logo and branding package could attract their ideal clients. How spending a $1,000 on a postcard design with good information architecture could bring them $10,000 or more business.

The result was bringing them clients and making money. Not the design itself.

So this is where that market research comes in handy! Use their own language to craft your message around what result you bring them.

Hint: the best results usually center around money or time!

Building Authority

Make yourself the go-to expert in your area!

But how?

  • Show up consistently on social media with results based messaging and content

  • Host Live Q&As or talks

  • Take every opportunity you have to speak on someone else's platform, as a guest speaker, interviewee, or guest host

  • Build an email list, blog or your own community where you can share regular results based content that educates your warm audience

  • Give freebies that offer value to your ideal audience (and build that email list!)

By showing up consistently and always talking about the value of your results, that matter to your audience, you will eventually build that go-to status in people's minds.

Back in those freelance days, I did this with a lot of IRL events. I regularly spoke at networking events, gave presentations, hosted a little game at an event about the real purpose and anatomy of a successful business card.

Through all of that exposure, I started to have people coming to me asking what I thought could help get them a certain outcome with their business. I was consulting on project direction utilizing design and booking clients that way. I became the go-to designer in my local area for small businesses and solopreneurs.

Doesn't that sound better than constantly pitching to a cold audience?

All 3 ingredients are vital to building that solid foundation to convey the value of your offer. I hope you can see how they all work together like an interlocking puzzle. Results based messaging won't work if you're talking to the wrong people, or selling a result they aren't interested in. And your results based messaging won't be heard if you don't work on building authority.

So... you've been putting in the work. You understand your clients. The messaging is on point! And you are now an authority in your space...

You're about to hop on another sales call with someone that has been following you for awhile now. They have a clear understanding of what you do. You have been nurturing them and they are warmed up!

Instead of pitching them, you are simply personalizing what you will do specifically for them and telling them the price.

You ask "are you in?"

And they say "Hell Yes! I can't wait to get started!"

How does that feel?!

Shoot me a message and let me know!

Focus on that feeling every morning, and put in the work to get there. You've got this!