• Erin Kahlenberg

Get Better Clients – Not More Clients

I bet you want to book more clients, right?

Duh! Having more clients brings in more money. Which allows you to...

  • invest in things to grow your business

  • hire help to get more time back in your day

  • help more people through your business and what you offer

  • enjoy more time with your family

  • go on more trips with your free time

  • live the life you dream of!

Having more clients means so much more than just getting that next pay day.

But I see so many people struggling with the clients they have. They are so focused on getting more clients, they never stop to ask "is this the right client?"

Let's set the stage, shall we?

The Meh Client

Someone responded to a cold DM template you sent out. Something feels weird during the sales call, but you ignore it. What they really need help with isn't something in your typical package, but you know you can do it so you make up a price for it and sell it anyway.

When you go to start the project you realize they aren't a fit for your visual style, which is now causing a death spiral of endless revisions. They take forever to get feedback to you, which causes the project to drag on - making it hard to know your availability for future projects so you miss out on other opportunities.

Slowly, they lose trust in your ability to deliver what they thought they wanted, and that when the passive aggressive rudeness and comments start. You CAN NOT WAIT to be done the project! Or worse, the project ends because you finally fire them to be able to just move on already, or they cancel the project with you. You have to give money back. Ouch!

You can't use any of the work in your portfolio because you aren't proud of it. It doesn't reflect your style, it's not something you really want to offer anyway, and it's incomplete. You start playing small, afraid of getting another client like that one. You're not sure if you can trust your own instincts anymore. You miss opportunities because you aren't putting yourself out there as much, and your lack of confidence is seeping into what you put out.

The Dream Client

Someone that's been following you reaches out to you. When you have your sales call with them you click right away! They have been following you for awhile and know your work and have been resonating with the content you've been putting out. Your offer exactly suits their needs. It's an easy HELL YES when you ask "are you ready to get started?"

It's almost effortless to work with them because they are so excited to have the help and finally see this becoming a reality for them. They send you feedback right away because this is a priority for them. The project is so inspiring for you to work on and it's turning into great work that you can't wait to share in your portfolio and on social media.

You are so confident and proud of the work you've done and it clearly shows in how you show up online. Your client loved working with you so much that they sign on to continue with you. Over time you start getting referrals from this client because they proudly tell all their friends about their awesome experience with you and more dream clients message you because they saw that great project you did and want something like that for themselves.

Big difference, huh?!

You have the power to make either of these scenarios true.

If you operate out of fear and a scarcity mindset, afraid of where the next pay check might come from - you get meh clients.

If you are confident in your self worth, have faith that clients meant for you will come, and treat people as people, not paychecks - you get dream clients.

It all starts with YOU

Nothing will change around you, if you don't change yourself.

And you have several things you can work on to get you closer to attracting your dream clients:

  • Build a solid mindset, because confidence is contagious and will have you showing up consistently to your audience.

  • Know your values and what you enjoy doing because you want your business to work for your life, not have your life revolve around your business. That's a recipe for burn out.

  • Get super clear on who your ideal client is and what they think their main challenge is.

  • Put yourself out there and build authority in what you do, with content that educates your ideal client and speaks to experiences they have.


You need to first recognize where you are coming from with your mindset. Is it fear, or service? If it's fear, explore what your belief around this fear really is. Who taught it to you? What could the possible good intention have been? But how is it holding you back? If you believed something different, what could become possible for you?

Then, start practicing this new belief with affirmations and your actions until it becomes your new way of being.

Know Your Values

It's so important to truly know yourself when you are an entrepreneur. Your business was a way for you to have your dream life. But if you take on any project you can get, then your business will take over your life.

Be intentional with your offer, what you do and who you work with. Make sure you know what is important to you and make sure those values are reflected in everything you do. Then stick to those values. If it's important for you to have free time on Wednesday afternoons to spend time with your kids, then do not betray yourself and set a sales call during that time. Sure, you could lose a sale. But if that person doesn't have availability any other time or can't respect your schedule, then it's not going to be mutually beneficial anyway.

Make sure your offer is something you actually enjoy doing, and that the people you work with are people you love to work with. Your business is a part of your life and you are the CEO!

Ideal Client

Just like understanding yourself, you want to also understand your ideal client. Who are they? What do they love? What annoys them? What do they really care about in their life or business? How busy are they? Where do they hang out online?

When you really understand them and their needs, they will see themselves reflected in your content and know you're talking to them! Because you're content will tell them how you get them the result they need. When you can educate your audience on how your offer will get them the exact result they want - that's when they start popping up in your DMs asking to work with you!

Build Authority

You want to create the feeling that you are THE [X] for your ideal client. THE graphic designer for natural beauty brands. THE wedding photographer for non-traditional couples. THE copy writer for light workers and coaches.

This comes from consistency, showing up online, doing talks and interviews, and creating content that is truly valuable - none of that fluffy shit. By coming from a place of true service, people will gain real results even from the free content you put out there. Leaving them wondering "I got all of this from their free info... I wonder what they could do for me if I was an actual paying client?!"

People aren't stupid. If you put out something that is all fluff just to build your email list, they will feel used. But if you offer them something that would be truly helpful, they will remember you for it.

I know this all flies in the face of traditional marketing tactics and the old mentality of "it's just business." But in 2021, consumers are spending more of their dollars with value based companies. That's why knowing your values and living them is so important. That's why treating people as people, and not like paychecks is so important!

People don't want to feel like a number and they don't want their money going to someone that doesn't value them.

But you can be that breath of fresh air for them AND get them results that help them AND make money while doing it. You are giving them the opportunity to work with you. Never forget that.

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