Attract Your Dream Clients

Starting, growing or trying to reach that next big step?

Then here's your invitation to a full 3 months completely focused on your goals! I build each 90-day program with my clients because there is no one-size-fits-all approach to business strategy. My purpose is to support your business in a way that feels authentic to you. That way you can easily repeat what you learn, because consistency is growth!


What you focus on, is what grows

I create results for my clients by focusing on mindset first...

We usually know exactly what we need to do. It's our thoughts and deeply ingrained behavior that hold us back. So, I use a 5 Step Transformational Life Coaching approach to help my clients step back, analyze their thoughts, and form new beliefs – along with mindfulness techniques such as journaling and breathing exercises to supercharge reflection and creativity. Then I help build inevitable success using the Habit Change Methodology to create new, small habits that build up to the end goal in a way that makes it way less overwhelming.

Ambre Catford

Talking with Erin was super easy and it felt like she really understood where I was coming from. I've struggled in the past to implement overly-ambitious plans for change, but what I loved with Erin is that her suggestions were realistic, yet really make a long-term positive impact. 

Some goals you could achieve during the 90 days...

  • Attract your dream clients - duh

  • Have more consistent income

  • Get your online business started

  • Guidance with your branding

  • Revamp your messaging

  • Figure out your sales process

  • Learn new marketing strategies

  • Set up a magnetic sales funnel

  • Clarity on how best to scale

  • Streamline your workflows

  • Unlearn limiting beliefs

  • Create more work-life balance

  • Uplevel your money mindset

  • Say bye-bye to imposter syndrome

  • Kick burnout to the curb

  • and oh so much more! Just ask...

Ashlee Hoelck

I had an incredible experience with Erin. She was warm, understanding, and constructive. She guided me to a new path that better serves my life purpose and inspired me to reach for more. I left with clarity, motivation, and confidence. I am so grateful for Erin!

The 90-day intensive includes...


Twelve 60-min private sessions with Erin via Zoom


One session per week over 3 months


Unlimited support via Messenger or Voxer


Curated handouts, scripts and action steps each week


Curious what a session could look like? Well check it out!

Linda Cormier White

Erin truly listened to me every week and tailored my sessions and homework to build my self awareness. I'm proud of my small weekly achievements! I know I am the same person I was, but my perspective has shifted around what is truly important to me.

The nitty-gritty!

Pay in full, or choose between a 3 + 6 month interest free payment plan.



Interested + wondering if this would be a good fit for you?

Great! Let's chat to make sure I can help you with your goals. Fill out a short questionnaire to help me understand more about your business, why you're looking for a coach, and I'll help you figure out what a next best step might be for you – even if that isn't working with me.


Business + Mindset Coaching with Erin Kahlenberg

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